Ameera Exports manufactures Automobile Gears like Spur, Helical, Straight Bevel, Sprockets along with Transmission Spine Shafts, Couplings and Power Takeoff Clutches which are used for Transmission, Engine and Differential Gear Boxes.

Computerization in every facet of operations is the key to our manufacturing success. The manufacturing process are: Turning on CNC turning centers, Gear cutting on Hobbling, Shaping & Bevel Generating machines, Gear Shaving, Broaching ( Horizontal & Vertical ), Tooth Rounding/Chamfering, Gear cleaning  ( Shot blasting ), Milling & Grinding: Internal, External, Surface & Root with in process gauging system.

Heat Treatment Plant
Company is also equipped for Heat treatment process like: Gas Barbarizing, Induction Hardening, Salt bath HT, Nitriding, Annealing & Normalizing. We have a special department for manufacture of Jigs, fixtures Etc.
Measuring Enhancements

Our range of testing machines includes computerized Gear helix & profile tester and Gear roll tester with the graph recorder ( Both of David Brown make ), Helix measuring and hob testing machine, Material hardness testers ( BHN & HRC ) & other standard instruments.

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