Ameera Exports have more than 300 different Connecting Rods developed for various Cars, Trucks and Tractor Engines.

Special Connecting Rods are developed according to the specified design for Motorcycle, Motorcross, Water Craft, Chain Saw, Generator and various Marine Applications.

Connecting Rods transforms the circular motion of Crankshaft into reciprocal motion thereby moving the piston to create the compressive strength to start and accelerate the Engine.

Material used for Connecting Rods are
CK 45
42CR M04
Pressure Dye Cast Aluminum

Process inspection is carried out at all operational stages of production as per process control plan by experienced Q.C. Engineers. Latest instruments (duly calibrated) are used for inspection at all stages, like micro meters, precision height gauges, dial bore gauges having least count of 1 micron, go & nogo plug gauges, 3D - Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CNC Version) Thread plug gauges etc.

Forgings, bolts, nuts, bushes & dowel pins are checked as per control plan for dimensional & metallurgical aspects. We have fully equipped laboratory where chemical analysis, micro structure & hardness are checked as per “IS” or “CUSTOMERS” standards.

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