Quality comes from prevention and not inspection.

Ameera Exports is focused on providing superior products and service to the transportation, industrial, and farm sectors. Our mission is to maintain market leadership through quality, innovation, cost efficiency and modern manufacturing technology.

Growing from strength to strength Ameera Exports image has reached the zenith of stature backed by a great team of Metallurgists, Workers, Engineers, Inspectors and management staff.

Ameera Exports have a trim & efficient organization of engineers, supervisors & administrators.


Quality Assurance Cell

At Ameera Exports , paramount importance is given to Quality and therefore the QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL is an  integral part of the manufacturing process. In fact the Quality Assurance process starts with the receipt of order when all customer specifications and requirements are carefully studied and process chart is developed. The process control chart developed for the customer is used for the production and strictly audited by the Quality Assurance at every manufacturing stage. Even on the lookout for better products the product development is a continuous process in our Factory.

Using computers and high precision machines intensively for production, planning, designing and research. The special position we holds today in the automotive trade and industry is the direct result of the ability of the company to foresee the challenges of the market place and continuously adapt to new challenges.

Product Wise Quality Control
Valve Guides

Valve Guides are grounded to a surface finish of 0.80 Micro Ra on its Outer Dia and with in a tolerance of 13 Microns.

The Valve Guide manufactured by us has microstructure of Pearlitic matrix with 5% maximum free ferrite 5% maximum free carbides an d10% maximum steadite in cellular or discontinuous form and Valve Guide has Hardness of 210-260 BHNRANGE OF VALVE GUIDES.

Valve Guides are also provided with Thread and Spiral in its Inner Dia to retain oil for long time. Thus increases the life of both Valve Guide and the Valve.

Engine Valves

A Fully fault free inspection procedure is adopted for the Inspection of Engine Valve.

Each Valve Forging is checked through Crack Detection machine to ensure that not a single minor crack prevails during the forging process.

The Heat Treatment provided to the Engine Valves is done through the Finest Heat Treatment plants Facilities were Uniform Hardness is being provided to each single Engine valves.

Then the Engine Valves Forging is inspected by Straightening Machine to avoid any Bend in the Stem of Valves, which causes the Run out while Machining and Grinding.

While CNC Machining all the engine Valves are checked upto their specified tolerance Chart and strictly machined as per the Specified Dimensions and Tolerance.


Ameera Exports Tappets are specially Manu. as per OE Specified Tolerance

Max Ovality on OD - 0.010
Surface Finish - 0.8 RA
Perpendicularity to Head to Stem OD - 0.010
Mangnese Phosphating - 10 to15 Microns uniform coating
Chilled Face Hardness - 45-50 RC Normal
60 RC after Heat Treatment
Chilled Face Convexity - 0.002 to 0.080
Chilled Face Finish - 0.1 RA

Valve Seats
The Inspection and Quality maintenance program of Valve Seat Inserts followed by Ameera Exports.
O.D. Roundness
The roundness of the outside diameter should be held to 0.013mm maximum
O D to Bottom Face Perpendicularity
This specification should be held to 0.002mm per mm of width.
Seat Surface Gauge Height
The gauge height tolerance for the seat surface is typically ±0.04mm.
Seat Surface Finish
A finish specification of 0.8 Ra is typical of many manufacturers.
Seat Surface Run-out to Bottom Face and O D
Run-out of the seat to bottom face/O D is maintained to 0.04mm maximum.

Seat Surface Angle
The tolerance for seat surface angle is typically ± 0.25º

Automotive Gears

Computerization in every facet of operations is the key to our manufacturing success for Automotive Gears. The manufacturing process are: Turning on CNC turning centers, Gear cutting on Hobbling, Shaping & Bevel Generating machines, Gear Shaving, Broaching ( Horizontal & Vertical ), Tooth Rounding/Chamfering, Gear cleaning (Shot blasting), Milling & Grinding: Internal, External, Surface & Root with in process gauging system.

Our range of testing machines includes computerized Gear helix & profile tester and Gear roll tester with the graph recorder (Both of David Brown make) Helix measuring and hob testing machine, Material hardness testers ( BHN & HRC ) & other standard instruments.

Connecting Rods

Forgings, bolts, nuts, bushes & dowel pins are  checked as per control plan for dimensional & metallurgical aspects. We have fully equipped laboratory where chemical analysis, micro structure & hardness are  checked as per  "IS"  or  "CUSTOMERS"  standards.

Latest instruments  (duly calibrated) are used for inspection at all stages, like micro meters,  precision height gauges, dial bore gauges having least count of 1 micron, go & nogo plug gauges,  3D - Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CNC Version) Thread plug gauges etc.

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